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3.5 yo boy in good health. He's had diarrhea for days, but off and on. It might be best to say he has solid poops sometimes, soft sometimes, and pretty regularly very soft but not watery.


I tried giving him raw carrots food processed and mixed with his kibble. That helped after a while. I stopped that and softness came back. We have tried new food, that helped for a bit. We are starting a third, again it helped at first. Recently had him tested for worms and he is clear.


The latest food is California natural. Pet store guy said it had fewer ingredients and about 25% less protein. He thought that might help.


I thought maybe the hot weather was a factor but the weather is cooling down now.


He seems in good spirits and health overall.

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Has he been checked for parasites? If so you can try some probiotics. I just recently started mine on them and they all now have firm stools for the first time.

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You can give him probiotics by adding a good quality, not low fat, whole milk yogurt. It will take a couple weeks to kick in, just like with people. Or you can buy probiotics at most stores if your dog can't do dairy. Some vets also have them though they will be more expensive there.


Some ideas - He could have an allergy or intolerance to one sort of protein or carb in his food. Many dogs have an intolerance to chicken or beef, and wheat or corn. To check this you will need a food with a unique protein and/or carb, like duck and sweet potato. If his symptoms clear after a a week or so, you have your answer. You can also fast him for a day and then reintroduce a bland homecooked diet of plain brown rice and boiled meat (boiling takes more of the fat out of the meat than other cooking methods).


He might need more fiber in his diet, especially since the carrots helped him. You can continue adding them if they help. Some people add plain oatmeal, canned pumpkin (the vegetable NOT the pie filling), sweet potato, string beans, or even Metamucil or Benefiber. At 3.5 he shouldn't need a lot. You can also try finding a kibble with a higher fiber content.


The heat can have an effect on them, and might take a few days to clear once it starts cooling down.

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