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Lure Coursing Machines

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Does anybody have any recommendations for lure coursing equipment? I've googled and among other things, this http://shop.wickedcoursing.com/3-Lure-Baby-Custom-Racing-Package-LBC2011.htm?productId=2 came up. Pricey, but looks well built. Any cheaper machines that worked well for anybody? Maybe that's just what they cost, and I'll have to accept that.


I apologize if this is posted in the wrong department.

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Guest IrishGH

Here is another source for equipment-


The LC machines I've seen are auto starter motors with a long shaft, most of the parts are available at auto supply stores. I would also suggest going to some Lure Coursing (ASFA or AKC) and or Racing (NOTRA,LGRA,WRA,NAWRA) events to see what local clubs use.

The LGRA/NOTRA OB National is in Redding Ca this year, NOTRA OB, scroll down a little overhalf wayon the home page for National info.



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