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Dental And Raw Chicken

Guest Liz_in_PA

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Guest Liz_in_PA

If any of you are considering partially raw feeding...


My dogs get kibble in the morning and chicken quarters in the evening. In the summer, the chicken might even be mostly frozen (chickensickles).


We got Dash in January of 2009. He is currently seven. I took him to see the vet because he was starting to look sideways at his chicken and he turned down a milkbone. :eek Yesterday, he had one tooth from way in the back removed because it had started developing a hole. Only because the vet was already in there did she bother to polish the rest of them. She said that he had really great teeth for a greyhound. Last night, you could tell that his elevator not only didn't go all the way up, it was stuck between floors :lol Good pain meds.


I'm posting this only to say, if you're considering trying partial raw feeding, you might just see an almost immediate benefit in the smell of your dog's mouth and a financial benefit. I think that if we don't have to do another cleaning for two years, that would be really nice.

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Wendy gets raw (mostly turkey necks), kibble and canned. Her teeth are very white and healthy. The vet is always astounded!

Irene ~ Owned and Operated by Jenny (Jenny Rocks ~ 11/24/17) ~ JRo, Jenny from the Track

Lola (AMF Won't Forget ~ 04/29/15 -07/22/19) - My girl. I'll always love you.

Wendy (Lost Footing ~ 12/11/05 - 08/18/17) ~ Forever in our hearts. "I am yours, you are mine".

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