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Cat Training A Success!

Guest Tabby

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After 3 months of diligant work I am happy to announce that today I offically took down the cat gate for the cat. Tabby attacked our cat the first day we had her and I came on here for advice. I got a lot of advice and support. We started with gating the cat away from Tabby. then moved to muzzling Tabby and walking by the gate to see the cat. I have to tell you the water bottle is the best invention for redirecting! I think total Tabby has only had the water bottle 3 times! :) She is a smart girl. ;) We gradually over the next 3 months progressed with muzzle supervised visits, unmuzzled supervised visits, etc... until now they can walk past each other with out so much as a glance. They are not sleeping together but do sleep with in feet of each other. I am so proud of her and myself! Thank you everyone!!!!!





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Nice job! I used to think it wasn't possible until I had to do it with my high-prey boy. Congrats!!

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Congrats :) Give me some hope. We've adopted an otherwise perfect dog, but he wants to eat the kitties. He's fine with them around his crate, but we need to graduate to outside the crate + muzzle. He's still a bit too keen on them when he's out of the crate. Squirt bottle doesn't work with him, but he's super food motivated and will do anything for treats, so there's hope, I think :)

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It may sound cliche' but I discovered you have to be more hard headed than them. I just was not willing to give b/c the cat was here before Tabby. Every time I got discouraged I would come on here and read how it can take months. there were days and even weeks when everyone in the family wanted to take her back. I have to admit there were days when the only thing stopping me was the 3 hour drive and not wanting to be a failure. :blush I am so GLAD I didnt give in! she is now offically the most perfect dog ever!!!! :colgate

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Guest Mom2Shiloh

I had 8 cats when I brought my first greyhound home... as a novice greyhound adopter, I was a nervous wreck. Fortunately, while Harley had a huge Play drive, he had zero Prey drive and was very smart. He stopped whining and wanting to go play with the furry little things within the first week :blush


I always did make a point of having one room with a baby gate in place, raised off the floor just enough that the cats could go under and get away from the dogs -- that or putting a cat door in the basement door. Not because I didn't trust my dogs, after making sure they didn't want to snack on kitties, but because I figure everyone needs their own space sometimes. :)


Good luck and good job.

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