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Why Is Cy Not Growling

Guest mbfilby

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Guest mbfilby

Spooky Cy was always a bit growly over food and space with the other dogs (never people). Nothing too serious, but he would grumble enough to let it known he did not appreciate other K9 company in his space. Mickey never really respected his wishes and usually just ignored the growls. She would finish her food as fast as possible so she could run over and help Cy with his over his loud protests. If Cy grumbled over the couch or bed, she would just jump up anyway but would keep her distance and he would resign to sharing or leave.





When Mickey passed, Cy regressed and became withdrawn, went off his food, and was generally depressed. We brought Myka home hoping to cheer him up (and us too).


Myka is young, confident, and outgoing. She has no space issues and is snuggly with humans and dogs alike. She is a bit more pushy than Mickey but will not barge in on the other pups meals. She prefers to share space and will nearly lay on top of the other hounds if their spot looks comfy enough. If Cy is getting attention, she will try to block it. She gets very barky and excited, and is a general ham when she is not the center of attention.




Cy has not once grumbled at her. :blink: If Mickey came within 5 feet of Cy's bowl he would start to growl. Myka will stand there literally inches from him and intently stare until he is done, waiting for her chance at licking the bowl. She can come nose to nose with him on the couch and he will not even flinch. This used to warrant a low growl at the least. Myka likewise has never shown any type of aggression or dominance, she just has a confident demeanor.


So whats going on? Is Myka's quiet confidence enough to keep Cy in line, or is Cy just a big softy when it comes to beautiful amber eyed blues? He doesn't seem to mind at all, and with his usual high anxiety level, this is quite surprising.

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Could be they just get along better in that way, could be he sees her as a puppy (and therefore prone to doing dumb things and not worth reprimanding). You just never know with these guys.


Do know that they look good together :wub: :wub: .

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Like Rachel and Batmom said, who knows why certain dogs click and certain dogs don't. You can have two that are resigned to living with each other and making the best of it or two that actually love being together. Some of mine interact with others and some don't. Just the personalities I guess.

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Could be anything. Maybe he decided that he missed his prior sister bad enough that he'd take advantage of this one and not give her too much guff. Maybe he realizes that he's got it good and while he may have to share he's willing to share with her because she shares with him. Maybe she doesn't have some annoying tic that just irritates him and makes him growly.


Maybe he's just in love with her. :wub:

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