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The Kids Had Their Annual Vet Appt Today,

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First the good news. Both kids got a clean bill of health! Norm is up to 80 pounds!! And Bree is at 60! They've both put on just under 10 lbs this year. Bree NEEDED it, but Norm looks fine too. And Bree was SO good at the vet! Panted like crazy but didnt try to get away. Let the doctor touch her all over without to much trouble. Had her toesies trimmed. And then I asked him to check her back end. She hates to have her right hip/tuckus area touched. And its always red like "lick-ick" red as if she's always at it. So, upon closer inspection her vulva is inflamed! (so embarrassing. I had to have him actually show me exactly WHERE her vulva was...) He thinks this might be whats bothering her so he prescribed Otomax. Anyone have any thoughts/advice/suggestions?



My sweet angel Tanner-"Showoffs Magic" 79D-82695. DOB 7/22/99. Gotcha Day 6/20/05. Bridge Day 3/11/10. Big Beautiful Brave Angel Norm-"Showoffs Storm" 89B-83263. DOB 8/16/99. Gotcha Day 3/24/06. Bridge Day 4/20/13. Angel Girl Bree-"Breezy Betty" 201A-93631. DOB 2/05/01. Gotcha Day 5/11/10. Bridge Day 10/07/11. She reached the beach.... Maci-"CF's Owhatanite" 44H-29320. DOB 10/05/04. Gotcha Day 10/11/11. Greta-"Greta's Milam" 90B-54582. DOB 9/17/10. Gotcha Day 11/30/12. Bridge Day 03/30/17. Ben-"P Kay Key Train" 63A-61271. DOB 6/2/13. Gotcha Day 12/26/15.

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Otomax is an antibotic/steroid ointment. You might want to clean the area with a diluted chlorhexadine solution (nolvasan) too. She might have a "hooded" vulva making her prone to infections-- some hounds need a surgical correction-- vulvaplasty or it's also calked episoplasty. I believe there was a recent edition of CG mag that had an article about the condition-- it was also mentioned in one of the recent OSU newsletters too. Not an uncommon condtion in our girlie hounds.

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Guest d0ggiem0mma

We had the same issue a few months ago since my Maggie has a mildly hooded vulva. The extra skin can cause some pooling of urine around the opening. That irritates the skin, so they lick, then it gets infected and can cause a UTI even.


My advice is to just keep an eye on it. After it's healed up, take a peek back there once a week or so just to make sure it stays that way. It may be a 1 time deal, or it may happen more frequently. If it starts happening frequently, you can use sensitive baby wipes to quickly clean the area after she tinkles to prevent the urine pooling.

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