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Costco 'cadet' Bully Sticks Smell Like Poop?

Guest Shermanator

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Guest Shermanator

We love Costco's bully sticks, and so do our dogs. However, in the :puke past month we have gotten 2 bags that smell like poop. The first bag overwhelmed the house, we had to take them outside into the garbage immediately, it was awful! They stunk up the entire house. We got another bag last night, and they smelled like poop. Not as bad as the first bag, but still had an overwhelming smell of poop. I know bully sticks can smell, but I they never smelled this bad.

Has anyone had this experience? Sigh, I need a good place to get bully sticks, as the girls adore them!

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Guest Sunset123


This is where I but mine. I buy the odorfree ones and for the most part they really don't have an odor. My dogs love, love them and I love that they don't stink!!


Even the regular ones hardly have a smell, especially if you store them in the freezer when you get them.

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I looked at the bullysticks at Costco and did not buy them because of source. Another vote for bestbullysticks.com

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