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Do Not Use A Squawker To Train Your Greyhound...

Guest JudiK

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Yeah - after he chewed it apart, DH went out and got the wooden part... after I get all the mud off I'll be able to blow through it and use it.


He looks so proud of himself in this picture - I suppose he has a right to be.

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I was afraid this was going to show a picture of a flat greyhound shape splatted against a shut dog door or the side of the house! Like that squawker might be a little too much of an incentive. :lol


He looks very pleased with himself. :rolleyes:

With Cocoa (DC Chocolatedrop), missing B for Beth (2006-2015)
And kitties C.J., Klara, Bernadette, John-Boy, & Sinbad

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