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Vomit And Low Appetite

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Tracker is 4 and we've had him for 7 months now. Yesterday evening he vomited in the yard, and pooped and peed. This morning he ate ok, but I only gave him half of his usual ration so it wouldn't burden his system too much, just in case. After that, it took him a long time to make up his mind whether he wanted to go for a walk or not (of course completely unusual). He wasn't as energetic, but walked the same route as usual quite happily. He eliminated normally. No vomiting. The rest of the day, he just lay on the sofa and had to be cajoled to go out just to pee (he refused the offer of a walk). He refused his usual wet food/dry food mix dinner, but ate a few treats and his bully stick, and is otherwise responsive to cuddling and petting. We'll take him to the vet tomorrow morning, if nothing changes. But if anybody has any thoughts on what this might be, I could take that info to the vet to make sure I can ask as many questions as possible.

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There's a whole range of things it could be, including "just a bug." One school of thought is to keep offering water but not feed the dog anything for about 24 hours to let the intestines have a chance to calm down. I hope Tracker feels better soon.


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