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What Do Corns Look Like?

Guest dogdaze

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Guest dogdaze

I was examining Pepper's feet and noticed what looked like very tiny stones embedded in her pads, which were not removable, so I assume there are some kind of hard growth. She also much prefers walking on grass, as her feet seem tender, so we never do our walks where there is concrete. Does this sound familiar to anyone and how would it be treated?


Another thing I wonder about is if there any way tooth and gum problems can be successfully treated to eradicate infection and save the teeth, thus avoiding multiple extractions. I am afraid this will be the case, when Pepper has her dental. (Not till end of July, as that is when my vet is booking for). Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Here's some info on corns. Two of my girls have corns, but they (the corns ;)) are are a single, large growth.


If her gum disease is far enough advanced that teeth need extraction, I don't know if there's a way to save them.

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Here's a link to my recent post about corns.


My link


There are photos of Jack's pre-treated corns, and later in the topic there are photos of after the corns were removed. The first corn he had removed, however, look nothing like the ones in these photos...it looked like a little circle on his pad.


Hope this helps.

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They could very well be small stones- it used to happen to Nate. A corn like growth would surround them to protect the pad. I would soak the foot and try to remove them. I did have a vet take one out during a dental- she assured me that it wasn't a stone...until she took it out and saw that it was indeed a stone. I would use light weight boots on Nate to protect his feet. It was usually a piece of winter sanding type "stone" that would embed in his pad. You can use castor oil on both stone or real corns to help get rid of them- it softens the pad but makes the corn hard. I also used a homeopathic remedy to help move the foreign body out. Nate didn't have the problem until we move to MA and lived near ponds that were sanded in winter.

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