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Teaching The 2Nd Hound To Ask To Go Potty

Guest BoyzMom

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Guest krohe

We've had Scoop-dog for almost a year. We taught him early on to ask us if he needs to go potty (beyond his normal potty schedule). He actually barks to ask!


We started fostering Mr. Pepperoni in April. From the beginning we've kept Pepperoni on Scoop's potty schedule with no problems.


When we got up this morning we found a 'present' on the living room floor and one very excited hound! I think he knew what he had done, and knew it wasn't right. But he had his signals mixed up. He pottied first, then came to tell us second!


Any suggestions on how to teach the 2nd hound to ask to go out?


Thanks in advance!


PS - How could anyone be upset with this face?


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Guest KennelMom

How did you teach Scoop to bark to go out? Perhaps that method would work (or a modified version) with the new hound. I can't say that any of ours ask to go out, but they all have signals. It may be subtle, but once they truly understand that outside is for potty and inside is not, they will do *something* when they have to go.

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George has a signal. I just rarely figure it out! Cause in his mind it is no doubt perfectly clear that when he starts to pace around the apartment, he has to pee. See, I'm waiting for him to, oh, I don't know, go to the door and look at me. No. That's not clear to HIM.


I must say, however, I have him on a schedule. I know when he has to poop, and I know how often he needs to get out to pee. The few accidents he's had were when a medication or something else threw off his system.


Maybe you can figure out what went wrong with his scheduling??? Did he get an extra treat or bone or something? There's usually a reason for an unexpected poop!


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Some of mine bark to go out, some will come and stand beside me and just the look tells me, some just stand by the back door. I've had to figure out each one individually.

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Guest krohe

How did you teach Scoop to bark to go out? Perhaps that method would work (or a modified version) with the new hound.




The good news: Mr. Pepperoni has learned how to bark when he has to go out! :yay


The bad news: Mr pepperoni also barks when he wants to play, when he's hungry, when he wants a hug, to just say "hello" and to be cute. :lol


And when Pepperoni gets going with his new voice then Scoop joins in! I've created two monsters!


I know he will "get it" eventually, when the novelty of being able to vocalize wears off. I think Scoop was the same when he first learned how to bark. With him I can tell the difference between his "I gotta go outside" bark and his "I just feel like talking" bark.


But, gee, it's crazy noisy here sometimes!!!

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