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Poodle Glucose

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This morning it was 180 yay.gif


Now if we could just get his mom to quit being such a crappy shot giver we'd be all good. Makes me wish my former neighbor that was a nurse for Careflight was still here. I'd pay her so I didn't have to dread twice a day. sad.gif

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Guest FullMetalFrank
:grouphug Good job on the 180; not much consolation but if I lived anywhere near I'd be happy to be Poodle's "diabetes buddy" and go thru the shots along with him. :wub: I know everyone keeps telling you "practice makes perfect" and well, it does, sort of, and also you'll lose some of the fear of doing something wrong and just go for it. I don't always do my shots exactly like my educator taught me; but I get the insulin in where it needs to go and so what if it's not textbook perfect. You'll figure out what works for you within the parameters of what needs to be done. :yay
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Guest vtgreys

Pam, if I were any closer, I'd give the poodlum his shots for you, over the years, I've done it for cats, humans and dogs (in that order). Best advice I can give you is to not hesitate. I'm assuming you're giving him his injections in the neckfolds? Just grab the fold, insert needle quickly, push plunger, and it'll be over before both of you know.

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Guest Energy11

Giving insulin shots is easy!! I'd be HAPPY to help, especially if you lived in a cooler part of the country! :-)) Seriously though, practice make perfect! colgate.gif

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