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Sa In Strange Places

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Capri is really good about staying home alone for a few hours. But when we went to Dewey Beach, we found that we couldn't leave her alone in the hotel room. I would like to train her to be okay left alone in strange rooms, so we can take her on vacations with us and not feel like she has to be with us every second. How do you guys train your dogs to be good in hotel rooms? I would assume it's just like alone training at home when the dog is new, but.... do we have to check into a motel room once a week for a month to practice?

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

Mabye the key is a bit of training, plus bringing more items from home that have "home" smell on them. Blankets or towels, toys, etc. might help? Not sure just an idea.



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That's a really good question - and I have no good answer. I've dealt with SA in my own home, but never traveled much with my greys. I'd guess that my "cured" SA dog - probably would've fruited out if left alone in a hotel room. Honestly, because of his "cured" SA - I'd have never even THOUGHT of attempting to take hime anywhere. He was always left home with a dogsitter (grandma). We were lucky to have her, and we just always assumed he didn't want to go anywhere because it would probably upset him. The most he was out and about was my brothers house when we stayed there for a weekend, and I was with him all the time.


I'm not saying that you SHOULDN'T take your dog places - I just don't know how to teach confidence in a strange place. I AM very interested in responses.

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Guest LindsaySF

Having familiar sights and smells can help. Blankets/beds from home, their crate, etc. If she doesn't use a crate you can acclimate her to it at home, then bring it along on your next trip. She might get better the more trips you take her on.


That said, my dogs freak out in hotel rooms, and I can never leave them alone in them. :lol Good luck!

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Guest tinams8

Can you crate him in the hotel room? Even though she is unlikely to cause trouble, I don't like to risk it, so I always crate her in a situation like that. And of course bring her blankets.

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