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We've got our first greyhound, Tracker, 5 weeks ago (I've never had dogs, my husband had two "regular" dogs many moons ago). After he came off the track in November of last year he went to a home that had two or three other dogs and some cats. After 3 months there tensions with one of the dogs (a male, neutered) there culminated in a quite serious fight and he was given back to the adoption agency, and soon after that we took him (we have no other dogs, just cats). He's a lovely guy, well behaved, confident, calm. No need to ever be even stern with him, he's so easy and mellow.


Several observations:


1. He is comfortable sleeping in the living room by himself (he made that choice); he also sleeps there when we are in the kitchen during the day, which is often (we work from home).

2. He has next to no interest in other dogs (even in our friends' grey). He's confident with them, and will stand his ground when other tall dogs are in his face or just generally too high energy for his taste. He seems not to care at all to play with any of them, even the grey.

3. In the very beginning he was interested in squeaky toys, but no more. Tossing balls elicits no response, no interest in chew toys (except for marrow bones--they keep him busy for up to 2 hours), or tug toys. He doesn't steal shoes or socks or anything else. Doesn't chew on anything but bones.

4. When he's resting on the sofa during the day between walks, he's mostly unresponsive to talking to him or petting. Just lies there with his eyes open. Also hardly ever wags his tail (with the exception of when two different people came to visit--he even jumped up on them in excitement, which I had never seen him do until then).

5. He doesn't seem to ever get playful, goofy or silly with us (in the very beginning squeaky toys would make him go silly temporarily, but since he's not interested in them anymore, no more silliness).

6. He loves his food and his many walks per day, that much is obvious, and petting solicits often in the morning after his meal. On walks, he'll often stand and just take in and listen (we live in a rural area) for minutes at a time with great calm. He also loves training sessions.


My question: if this is all in a perfectly normal behavior range for greys, I'll be happy and stop worrying. I'm just concerned he's sad or even depressed for some reason. I have nothing to compare it to.

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The short answer? Yes, this is normal. Everything is still new to him.


I have four greys. Two of them are very shy and what I would say "introverted". Each of them are totally different dogs one year later than they were in the beginning. Give him some time. He is still learning from you and you from him. He is still trying to see where he fits :) Just be assuring and he will get more comfortable :)

~Beth, with a crazy mixed crew of misfits.
~ Forever and Always missing and loving Steak, Carmen, Ivy, Isis, and Madi.
Don't cry because it's ended, Smile because it happened.
Before you judge me, try to keep an open mind, not everyone likes your taste.

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Guest EmilyandSioux

These guys don't want to "offend" anyone or anything. They come a tough background. You have to let them come out of their shell to you. I have greys that were AA and then ones that never raced because of their treatment in training. This is normal. Don't worry. Sioux after 6 years still had to have the idea to move off the couch or you get him to move. Tonight I told him to get out of our bed and go to his bed. Well that worked for about 10 minutes and he was beck. Hence, Mom is at the computer. They are great dogs just let him settle in and work with him. He is in a totally new "world".

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Guest rachel2025

It took Pike quite a while to perk up and start wagging his tail/playing with his toys/having fun (it happened over several months, bit by bit). When we first got him, he only enjoyed walks and petting in the morning, himself. He was also a bounce-back.


Don't worry... he'll come out of his shell in time. Sounds like you are doing everything right! :)

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Sounds like normal greyhound behavior to me. Generally happy, but not overly outgoing or rambunctious.


Also - 5 weeks is pretty early in. He might open up more over the next several months. More of a discernable personality will emerge eventually.


For now - just be happy that the dog transitioned very well, is happy, and not giving you grief. Once he settles in completely, maybe after a few months, you might see more personality quirks, not all of them good!


This is just his way of transitioning - quietly. Some dogs do it in a much harder way. Either way - it'll take a while until the "true" dog shows through.


Think of him as a present with a tag that says "Do not open unti...." ... wait and see what you get! :)

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