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Fun New Tricks!

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Bella has been great, but has recently started a new trend. She will pick up anything that she can fit in her mouth (books, remote controls, flip flops, compressed peat disc, measuring cup for her food, etc) and bring it to her crate. MOST things she won’t chew, but she’s started shredding anything paper, including *ahem* a library book. :angel She hasn’t started in on shoes other than a $5 flip-flop that I caught before she really chewed it, and the rubber doorstop by the front door.


She’s not interested in chewing HER things, of course, like her stuffies (which she just carries around from one bed to another) or rawhide bones.


Most things she leaves alone once she’s gotten a “leave it” or similar, but the paper shredding concerns me. We’d like to get to the point where we can leave her crate door open during the day, but definitely can’t at this point – it’s not a matter of her doing all of this while we’re gone, she does it while we’re there. Of course, she’s only been home 3 weeks, so I’m sure it’ll take more time.


Any suggestions on other things that can be hers to chew on? I’ve seen suggestions to other posters with related problems to use the muzzle, too.


We’ve tried a couple of different dental chews but she gobbles them up and then gets the big D, so those are out. She gets a stuffed Kong during the day, but those don’t last all day. Side note - I did try a new technique for today so we’ll see - soaked some kibble and stuffed that, oatmeal and peanut butter in the Kong, then froze it.


She gets lots of exercise and play time, and lots of attention when we’re home, so not sure what the fixes would be.



Dave (GLS DeviousDavid) - 6/27/18
Gracie (AMF Saying Grace) - 10/21/12
Bella (KT Britta) - 4/29/05 to 2/13/20



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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

What she is doing is called "hoarding". It is a common behavior among retired racers. They have never had posessions in their life. The paper shredding is another common behavior. Both behaviors tend to go away after they get comfortable in your home. As long as she is not destroying anything, I wouldnt worry too much. Make sure appropriate things are around for her to play with (dont put away toys), and enjoy the changes you will see in her personality. If you are really that worried, as you said, just muzzle when you leave. Or if she doesnt have any anxiety when you are gone, why not leave her in the crate?



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Seamus will shred paper to relieve anxiety when left alone. If we leave the newspaper within reach while we are gone, he can create a very impressive pile of confetti for us. :lol I have often wished I could watch him to see how he gets it into such small pieces with just his teeth.


I am wondering if Bella's actions are her way of relieving her stress rather than an issue with boredom. Shredding paper and collecting things may be bringing her some comfort. My friend's greyhound will gather a very large collection of things when she is home by herself, including backpacks, shoes, and her owner's clothing. She doesn't chew on any of it, she just collects it on her bed.


Three weeks is not a very long time, so things are still so new for Bella. Time may be part of the solution. In the meantime, consider moving all papers and books higher? Good luck!


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Guest MyBoys

Our Henry steals anything he can get his little mouth on, we have had him almost a year now so I don't think at this point he is going to give up his theiving ways, on the up side, my DH now picks up all his stuff and puts it away :lol: So maybe that is your answer, don't leave your things where they can get them.

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Guest Sweetreba

When I first got both my dogs they did the hoarding thing for awhile. Reba was chewing toilet paper off the roll and destroyed a remote, but it all went away after a month or so. Now it is two years and the only time she destroyed shoes was when it was so bad this winter and could not get out for the walks. She went in my closet and got dress shoes and chewed them. I had to get in the habit of closing the closet door. Both dogs hoard tennis shoes and slippers but do not chew them. When I am missing anything I go straight to dog crates and pillows and always find it. Petey loves to shred the newspaper he loves the sound and really gets into it. i leave an old one for him when I am in the mood and do not mind the clean up. It's funny to watch him and he is having so much fun.

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