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Anyone Have A Gh With Floaters?

Guest DoofBert

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Guest DoofBert



We had Bert (almost 10) checked at the OFA Opthamology CLinic run by Dr. Riis of Cornell. Our regular vet suggested a eye specialist visit.


Dr. Riis dilated Bert''s eyes then proceeded to examine the eye under lenses (just like my oplthamologist does for me!) Bert has old man eyes -- hardening of the lens (if he were human, Bert would use bifocals or reading glasses)......but what I didn't expect to hear.. Bert also has 'FLOATERs'in both eyes... left eye is worse. Eye pressure is normal, no dry eye, no problems with eyelids, no impact to retina and optic nerve.


Vet said there was nothing to do at this point but watch for changes. (We have followup in a year, same as my schedule with my eye doctor) And, he prescribed that we monitor Bert's behaviour to limit head shaking/running.... This activity stirs up the vitrious (eye fluids) and causes the floaters to float more...resulting in blurred vision.


So my question for you folks....

1. Any experience with FLOATERS? What didyou do??

2. Any suggestions for limiting head shaking in a certified stuffy killer?





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No experience here either. I'm glad to hear it's nothing worse than that. I was wondering how his visit went. Wow, how the heck to you keep a dog from shaking their head?

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I've not had a dog with floaters, but I've had them from time to time myself.

They explained to me that as we age the vitreous (jelly) in the back of the eye can shrink and as it does so little bits of debris start to float about. They told me it isn't dangerous unless the floaters are accompanied by flashing lights indicating that the retina may have torn loose with some of the jelly in a corner requiring prompt laser surgery to weld it back in place

Hopefully the eye exam will have shown that this has not happened to your dog. Rgular check ups should be all you need to do.

I don't know how to stop the head shaking other than by sedation.

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

I've had floaters my entire life. It doesn't require any treatment. The only time I notice them is if I'm reading. I can't imagine it being a problem for a dog.

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Guest bluefawn

I am reading this through floaters right now! I have had them for years. My optometrist says they are not harmful unless they just suddenly occur, and that our chances of having them increase as we age. If they just suddenly start occurring, it can signal retinal detachment. But I would guess that canine eyeball anatomy is different than human eyeball anatomy (since they don't see the same colors as we do, etc.).

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