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Any Therapy We Can Do At Home For Our Tripod Foster

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We just picked up a foster that had her stitches removed from the amputation. She is pretty wobbly on her remaining back leg.


Is there anything we can do to help her regain her strength in the leg so she is not so prone to fall? She is trying gallently to maneuver the back leg under her to move, but after a hop or two, she looses balance and almost falls. (We are trying to assist her, but this is our first special needs foster). We need to be trained in helping her get around. Besides the sling, anything else in the advise column would be appreciated!




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Guest PhillyPups

You may want to contact Marilyn (Multigreys) of Greyhaven, she shares her home with 4 tripods, 3 of which are rear legs. I would consider her the "Tripod Goddess".

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Guest EmilyandSioux

If you have access to a pool make use of it. I have been a vet tech for years and swimming is great foir amputees. It helps with their balance and stability. I know you can pick up a 100 gallon tank from a feed store and it will be deep enough for her/him to swim in. Also a towel that has been folded long ways under his/her abdomen can help stabalize her. Just put it under him/her and walk with it and you can help balance until the strength is built up.

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I think the recommendation to find somewhere for your dog to swim is the best one. With such a recent amputation she'll need to heal first, and build up some muscle without putting too much stress on her leg. She also needs to relearn balance.


I have no personal experience with recent amputees, because Sid was two years past his amputation when we adopted him. However, he has greatly improved strength in his single back leg following daily walks of gradually increasing length. At first we followed a 'longer walk' day followed by a 'short walk' day, but now we can do reasonable length walks twice each day without him tiring and the muscle on that leg is enormous! So are his shoulders and front leg muscles.


Good luck! I'm sure she will surprise you with how well she does, if you just take it slowly so as not to tire her or allow her to injure herself. :)


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Guest eaglflyt

I'm not sure if this applies, but if the floor is smooth where she is walking, I would put down some rugs with the backing that holds them in place. Secure footing will be appreciated by her when she's learning new techniques for balance and walking.


Just ignore this if this isn't the situation. ;)

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

I have/had 3 tripods; 1 was a back leg amputation. I think it's mostly a matter of relearning balance, practice and conditioning. I do recommend runner rugs on slippery floors though.

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