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Question About Needle Biopsy

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Hello all-


Our 3 year old greyhound Milo is having X-rays and a needle biopsy tomorrow on a growth on his front leg, near his "wrist." He's having a general anesthetic. He hasn't got a limp and isn't in any pain at all, we'd just noticed that he'd developed a little lump and brought him to have it looked at and the vet thought it prudent to check it out. (We have a great vet!)


I'm trying to keep from panicking at the possibility that it's Osteosarcoma until we have more information. My more pressing concern is about the biopsy itself. It's gotta hurt having a needle stuck into a bone and I'm sure that we'll get him something for the pain - mainly I'm wondering what other people's experiences were. Is it sore for very long? What can we expect?


All prayers and good thoughts are gratefully accepted!


And just because, here's a couple pictures of the handsome man himself...





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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding with our girl Cosmo was that a fine needle aspiration was more useful than a biopsy. The procedure was done without any anesthetic and if it bothered her at all she never let on.


Sorry that Milo and you are having to go through this. I understand how frightening it is. Hopefully you will have a good outcome.

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Why don't you just do the x-rays first? Then if necessary, do the biopsy.


Edit because I totally misread your post initially.

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

A fine needle biopsy is not painful, but a bone biopsy is. I wouldn't hesitate to do a FNA. FYI - if the FNA sample does not find anything, it's inconclusive.

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