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New "young" Greyhound In Established Home

Guest Isabella1

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Guest Isabella1

We recently lost a greyhound and have one left that cannot be on her own. We "adopted" a new one on a trial basis to help our other greyhound. The new greyhound was reported as "cat-friendly and kid-friendly", but now that he's in the home, he is more than curious with the cats, will occasionally wake in the night and growl at our old greyhound, tears up things more than the other greyhound, and is very large for our kid. The new greyhound is just off the track by a matter of months. We are wondering if we should continue to work with him in our world of "no's" (kid toys, cats, etc), or if we should let him go to a home that would more suit him and adopt an older greyhound. We trained our first two, but now have the cats and kids and just want to do the right thing for our family and him as well. Thanks!!

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Although a dog may be considered cat friendly, it is always your best bet to assume they are cat curious. There are exceptions, obviously. Try not to leave him unsupervise with the cat. And if you have to, muzzle him.

Dont forget, your dog is learning the new ways of being in a home, and has never had to coexist with a cat, and humans, in the way he is now.

If you are willing to continue training, I am sure you could get him to understand boundaries, but that is up to you to work on it.

I just made a thread (Hoping I am Very Wrong) and it is about basic training for greys, and many people have told me with time and patience their greys learned the boundaries of the house. It may not be easy though. This whole situation is new for him

He might be a dog not suited for your home, but in the same breath, it is also up to the humans to work on correcting behaviours.

I would personally try correcting this, and if still after a few more moths hes not showing improvement, then take him back. But thats just me.

Hopefully you adopted him with the idea he would be right in your home, not just to ease the hurt quickly.

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Trust your gut. ;) It's usually right.


If you haven't had a "brand new" grey in a long time - you may have forgotten that darn transition period. Most new greys, young or old, will be squirely for a while, until they figure out what the heck is expected of them! This is a whole new world, and the rules aren't clear at all. Their whole life - they KNEW the rules - they KNEW the routine - and it NEVER CHANGED. Now- EVERYTHING has changed - and what are the rules? :unsure Who's in charge? :eek Maybe it's just "new dog transition".


But - if your gut tells you this is the wrong dog- it certainly might be. Return, start over. Offer to foster with intent for your group to "test drive" until you find the right dog for your house.


Shortly after we adopted our first grey we realized that he couldn't be alone. No amount of alone-training was enough. So - we started fostering - to have another grey in the house. Sobe improved 1000%. Plus, we did some good in the meantime. Foster number 4 - decided to stay. But honestly, fosters number 1,2, and 3...were fine dogs - but NOT the right dogs for this house. I had no problems sending them off to their "right" homes. Fosters number 5-12 also were fine dogs - but none of them would be the perfect fit for this house either.


Don't be afraid to foster - let dogs go - and then choose to keep the "right" one. You'll KNOW the right one when it comes along.. ;):colgate

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

I have a few questions for you before I chime in.

1) what does "more than curious" mean?

2) what does "very large for our kid" mean?


I would wonder if the growling is "at" your other greyhound, or simply dreaming where they wake up growling. My boy will do this from time to time. he will be on the sofa, or his doggie bed, with nobody around him at all, no noises, but he will suddenly growl, and bark waking himself up from a dead sleep.


I would also remind you of the "breaking in" period, I am sure you remember what that is like.



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