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Roger Is Licking The Hair Off His Back Feet

Guest Rogersmom

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Guest Rogersmom

Roger is licking his back feet and has licked the hair off two of the knuckles. This is only on his back feet.

I am not sure why this is happening. If it were an allergy I would think that he would be itchy all over.

If it were due to an insect bite, I would not expect the same thing on both back feet. I gave him a benydrl

which seemed to help for awhile but I am not sure as I was not home during its effective time. Any help here?

If needed, I can take a picture and post it. Thanks for any help you can give.


Liz and Roger

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When Batman had an allergic reaction, it was just *one* back foot -- the one he could get to easiest. If you looked really closely, you could see a little redness on his other feet. So, wouldn't rule out allergies for your boy. If this just started and nothing in his food has changed, might try rinsing off his feet very well when he comes in from outside. Could be there is something in the environment that bothers him this time of year.

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Guest Energy11

Yet another vote for allergies. Oakly just has a spot on his tail, he licks constantly, especially this time of year. If the Benedryl isn't working, I'd ask the vet what he/she recommend. Good Luck! Allergies stink!

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