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Opinions/advice (toe-toenail Issue)

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The last few days I noticed Spencer favoring one leg, not a limp but a difference in gait that only a mother would notice Anyway then he started licking that paw and at first I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary but this morning as my big mommas boy was draped on top of me I noticed he is losing hair on one toe and it seems really really scaly and when ever I touched that toe he flinched. Here are the best pictures I could take with my cheapie camera. (None of his other toes look like that. They are nice, fuzzy and smooth no scaly stuff.






Here are the things I have thought of... infection, allergy (his allergies can get really bad and affect his feet) and even the beginnings of SLO. I am going to keep it clean and treat it at home in the next couple of days (I don't feel it merits an emergency vet visit this weekend) and reassess in the beginning of the week whether a vet visit is needed.


Does anyone have any advice/opinions?


Anyone with a dog that has SLO? How does it start, look like, ETC....?



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Guest Energy11

Looks like he has a corn there on his pad, and it MIGHT be a toenail type fungus on the nail??? Hard to say, but I know humans get that, and it is painful! Might have to see the vet next week, and see what he/she thinks! Good Luck!

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Looks to me like it might be an infection. If he's been licking it a lot, and the cause could be allergies, he may have gotten it infected.

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