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Guest twingreys

Our dog came to us from the track with Enrlichia and a bag of antibiotics in October. He finished all the meds by Novemeber and has been great since. I pulled several ticks off of him in the fall and have noticed an increase number of ticks this spring. Once your dog has this disease can it be tranmitted to humans? We have had to pull a tick or two off our boys and I never thought about the transmittal. Once a tick bites, does it move to a new host?


Are we at risk for this disease? Is there anything I should be doing to help our greyhound with this. He hasn't shown any symptoms that he is sick. Should I use a FrontLine or something to kill any ticks that get on him?


I am new to all this, and want to make sure our dog and family is protected against anything we can prevent.




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Get another titre done. That will tell you if he's completely better. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment.


My Diamond had ehrlichia when I wanted to adopt her, but she was too sick to adopt out. We almost lost her. We did do a titre a couple of years ago and it was low positive, something like 1:80. But she originally was 1:10,000. So, yeah, she's all better.


I would put him on a tick repellent like Frontline to keep ticks off him. I live in a heavy tick area, so I tuck my white pants into my white socks and my white T shirt into my white pants and spray repellent around my ankles to keep ticks off me. I've been pulling ticks off me and the greys for 14 yrs now and I haven't picked up any tick disease (not even Lymes which is very prevalent in NJ). And none of my girls have picked up any new tick diseases.




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