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Insect Yard Repellent

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I've had good luck with Cutter, it gets hooked up to the garden hose and you wet the area you want to keep bug free, then let it dry before the dogs go outside. Of course, this year I am considering chickens....


Ivon, Spud, Karma & Sasha

Missing Darla (05-22-96 03-01-2010)

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Guest luckydog

I think you're asking for the impossible. Unless you put a huge screen over your entire property, flying bugs of all sorts will fly thru your airspace.


But, that said, bats eat mosquitos. Tons of them. Put up a bat house and get rid of some of the buggers the natural way. Get rid of ALL standing water will cut down on mosquito larvae and picking up the poop cuts down on the fly larvae.

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