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Guest greymomrn


I am greymomRN and adopted Paducha Doc and Paducah George about three years ago. They were two at the time. it was suggested to me that I contact you regarding information that you may have regarding seizures. Doc started having airway swelling back in October. The vet eventually believed that it was tic borne. Glands bigger than golf balls. We got thru that. About 6 weeks ago...same thing...this time a seizure. Vet believed that it was an allergic reaction to bleech which I had used to clean a sink. Vet believed cerebral arteries were comprimised due to the swelling. About a month ago Doc began having more seizures including tonic clonic grand mal. Vet put him on pheno lst week. 50/50 chance of brain tumor vs. late onset elilepsy. (No airway comprimise or even edema this time) Having a little with medication adjustment, but he is coming along and acting more like himself. We will obtain a level in 10 more days. He is on 64mg AM, 32mf Midday, 64mg PM. Everything else is normal except some behavior issure which as I said apperar to be medication adjustment.

I work in a close proximity to you I think...actually across the street so I am local. I am only asking for any info you may have on the subject. I was told you have quite a lot of infor. I am quite sure you are busy, but would appreciate any help in the way of information.

Now that I have my mind back, any input would be appreciated.

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Poster "EmilyAnne" also has a link in her signature to her epilepsy blog. Her grey has bad seizures as well.


It seems greys can quite often have late-onset ideopathic seizures. If you're not already, I would advse keeping a seizure log whwere you can document each seizure - time of day, length, strength, behavior before, during and after - any behavior issues from meds, changes in med dosages, anything that may be related. Sometimes you can find a trigger or a pattern, sometimes not, but at least the vets will have a record of history to look at.


Good luck. I know how hard it is to see your grey seizing. Our Bridge girl Libby had them as well.

greysmom :D

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