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Serious Gas

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I have been feeding Kirkland Chicken to Paul and Fuzzy for several months. I transitioned Fuzzy over after he had been on his kennel feed, but it got too expensive. I would say that he has been on the Kirkland since the end of the summer. I also cook them chicken with rice and vegetables in the crock pot every week or so and freeze the food in two cup containers. They get a tablespoon or two of the chicken mix on top with each meal which also includes a tablespoon of plain yogurt. I also add Prozyme and one fish oil capsule to each meal. This week I added a tablespoon of pumpkin to see if that would help.

This past week Fuzzy has had the worst gas, ever. It is room clearing and it is constant. Several times a day. His poop is fine. I have had to light candles to clear the air. The other day we had company, and I had to put him downstairs in his crate.

I can deal with once in a while, but this has been going on for a week. Also a week ago, Thursday, he had his annual vaccines.

Any thoughts.

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Cut out everything except the kibble (you can use it as treats, too) for at least a week and see how he does. If minimal or no gas, then start adding things back one at a time. Give it a good 5-7 days between new additions.

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Guest ChasesMum

You could also try the Kirkland Lamb instead if Batmom's suggestion doesnt help. Chase was on Canidae and then the kirkland chicken but the lamb is what seemed to do the trick for her, gas-wise and firm poo-wise.

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