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Dental Vaccine

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My Vet is really pushing the dental vaccine for my 4 yr old Grey. She has 2 back teeth that seem to get infected quite often and my Vet feels the vaccine would help cut down on the bacteria that is causing the infections. She had a dental in July 08 and I just took her back to have the Vet look at the back teeth cuz the gum area was pretty red. $200 later and a weeks worth of Cephalexin they look decent again but I know the antibiotic is just helping the problem not putting an end to it. I REALLY don't want to have her put under for yet another dental this soon(not to mention the $400 price tag that I was hoping to only pay yearly)so the Vet says do the vaccine. I am so leary cuz I know I had read posts a yr ago that people were not happy with the vaccine. Has anybody tried it lately that can give me some input? Oh just a little background, I have tried feeding some raw and we always deal with bad diarrhea so that is not a real option. I brush and use Petzlife Oral Gel and give her a pig ear or Oxtail once a week as she seems to stomach those 2 o.k.

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ThE dental vaccine was news to me when I saw your post and I went out and "googled" the "Dental Vaccine dogs". The link (http://www.dogforums.com/13-dog-health-questions/38810-dental-vaccine-reactions.html) is to a forum that had two dogs with reactions.


I personally would not use the vaccine because it has only been out since October of 2006 and that's barely two years. There's probably not much of a track record on it yet although they do mention "laboratory studies and a field safety study" that was done but, I did not see any results posted ....



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Dr. Beth gave us a lot of printed material on this vaccination...She said she was not pro or con...just wanted to give me the information. Flashy is almost 10 years old...I am not comfortable with the idea at all and Dr. Beth certainly respected my opinion. :)


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can't help you on the vaccine as it's news to me, but this might be of interest to you.

I also have a 15 year old german pointer called ellie. Ellie has had a couple of very bad cavities at the base of her canines which fill with muck and cause very bad ulcers on her cheek linings & gums. Like you, I was given antibiotics which cleared them only to return a month later. after the 3rd course of antibiotics I realised I had to find another way. I tried using logic dental paste which I found to be very good but as her gums are so tender and they bleed at the slightest touch, it's difficult to really get to grips with the problem. A dental is out of the question at her age.

There is a fantastic forum called sighthoundsonline forum to which i belong and a member on there suggested neem bark. I ordered a tub and decided to do a little trial. I placed a pinch of the powder on one canine only, right up near the gum where the cavity is. It stayed there perfectly well. After a week we checked and were astounded to find that the tooth that I had been applying the neem to was now a sort of milky beige at the base. When I compared it to the other canine on the other side that had not had the neem applied, it was the original dark black smelly state. We couldn't believe this had worked so well.

My routine now is to place the neem bark on her teeth near her gums last thing at night. At some point in the day when she's relaxed I can give a gentle brush with a baby toothbrush. Her ulcers have all but gone and her breath is a lot sweeter. To me, this is truly an amazing product. I even bought some neem toothpaste for myself and it really makes your mouth fresh. I'm sure you can get it in the states but this is the english website


really hopes this helps you. I also use it on my greyhound winnie

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Daisy got the vaccine in March and the booster a month later. She had zero ill effects. The vet she had her dental done at is primarily a sighthound clinic and has now been using it for a year and has not had any adverse reactions. I plan on continuing to use it.

Forever in my Heart Joe T Greyhound, Charly Bear, Angel Daisy, and Katze & Buzz Kitty.


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