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Sahra Could Use A Prayer

Guest greytbookert

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Guest greytbookert

Early this morning (3am) Sahra let out the GSOD when she splayed out at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her middle of the night potty break. She seems to be ok but is limping on her right hind leg. It took awhile before we could get her up and standing, then to stand on her own, probably about 15 minutes or so.


By breakfast time (4:30) she seemed better but still not 100% Sahra and still favoring her hind quarter. We aren't sure what happened, if she missed the rug or fell down the stairs, it was dark and DH hadn't turned the lights on yet. DH is going to talk to the vet when the vet comes into work (he works at the clinic). We'll probably be bringing her in, as a just in case. At almost 14, I don't like to do the wait and see. yep, I'm a worry wart!


I know this is small in relation to the major health issues that are going on now with so many hounds, but if there is a spare prayer around, I think Sahra could use it. She has taken the loss of Mama Ro last week very hard. Sahra has always been the pillar of health and no one believes her age, she looks and acts so much younger than her years.



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Sending prayers and gentle hugs. :grouphug


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