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Update On Trixie

Guest HoustonGreys

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Guest HoustonGreys

It seems like it's been a hundred years since I wrote about Trixie's pinched nerve but it was actually just the Wednesday before Hurricane Ike --- almost 4 weeks ago. Around Houston, everything is still measured by "Ike time". Trixie saw an orthopedic surgeon last Tuesday and he did a Mylogram (probably spelled wrong) and spinal tap (I'll post a pic of her little shaved head) and didn't see anything "remarkable" even though she does have a narrowing between C6 &7. He wanted to leave her on muscle relaxers and pain meds another week which we are but he and our regular vet do agree something is causing her problems. So today Stacey took her in for blood tests to be sent to AZ for the tick diseases and Babesia. Of course with losing Amy to Babesia we're all sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results which we HOPE to have by Friday. So, please keep Trixie in your thoughts and prayers. Here's a pic of her sweet little head.


She also cannot have any collar on, not even her tag collar. Stacey removes her harness (I call it her halter top) at night so she can be more comfortable.


We also have a Hurricane Ike house guest which I've posted about in EEG. He's adorable. His family needs prayers while dealing with insurance adjusters and getting their Galveston home repaired so they can all be together again.


Thanks for everything.


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Guest HoustonGreys


Thank you all for your prayers, good thoughts and kisses for Trixie. All are truly appreciated and I made sure she got every kiss!



Sending prayers! Have you contacted Dr. Robinett?


I actually forgot about Dr. Robinett. Is this the tick borne disease specialist? Do you have her (I think I remember her being a woman but may have that wrong) phone number or clinic info so I can look it up? Thanks for your help.

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Awww...kiss her precious little head for me. Sending more prayers. :grouphug


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