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Sierra Is Limping This Morning

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This poor girl. She was limping last night when she went outside. She holds the leg up and then she will walk on it. I suspect she hurt it trying to get up on my bed which is a high pillow top mattress.


I picked her up to get her up on the bed and get her off last night to avoid any further harm. She isn't yiping or doesn't yelp if I move it or touch her. She goes into the vet tomorrow for a blood panel. I gave her an aspirin to help her if she isn't feel so good. I put my sports medicine clinician skills to work and she seems to maybe strained a muscle. If she still is limping when I get home, we will have her vet look her over really good. She also had diarrhea last night after eating the Merrick canned food, way to rich for this girl. I of course will be worried all day at work since I can't be here with her.

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Thinking of you both and holding you in our hearts and prayers. :grouphug Feel better soon sweetie girl. :grouphug


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Guest EmbersDad

im in the same boat with ember. our current treatment is tramadol and metacam. if she doesnt improve, im back to the vet for more x rays ( they couldnt get a front view) which may require sedation. good luck with sierra.

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She was walking on her left hind leg with full weight when I got home and has been all evening. She looks like she has been put through the ringer. She has had pretty bad diarrhea for almost 24 hours due to the Merrick canned food. I am making sure she is hydrated and she did eat some lunch meat. This histo is some bad stuff.

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