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What Is It?

Guest lauri

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What internal organ is located just after the ribcage on the right side - starting at the bottom of the last rib and is about 3 inches maybe oblong shaped ?


Is it the liver? Spleen?


Hopefully it's an organ...


Miles is so skinny that we can feel something on the right side that isn't on the left. We'll probably get him to the vet ONCE AGAIN to check it out, but I believe it to be an organ of some kind. It kind of changes for a bit soft to a bit harder and it doesn't pain him when we palpitate it.


We've gotten him to eat finally but still runny poop.

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That's what I was thinking. He's not yellowing or anything like that. I just wonder if we can feel it now that he's so skinny or if it's a mass of some kind. We've been watchiing it for about a week now and I have seen no change, and he's feeling a bit better now.

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Any chance he got a bruise or blow higher up on the rib cage and a "blood puddle" has settled there?


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