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Nail Trimmers

Guest GreyGal97

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That was posted before and I think their was a lot of mixed answers, I was thinking about the same thing because Aladdin will not let me dremmel his toenails, and the girls move too much, if this is easier but a lot of people said the dremmel did the same thing.

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Guest Greensleeves

My computer won't let me watch videos; what did the story say?


And aren't there *two* of these new Dremel-like trimmers? The Pedi-paws and another one? I had found a groomers' board where one of them was discussed--mostly favorably. There were some issues, but the inventor of the product worked hard to sort them out and get everyone trained and satisfied. But I can't remember which is which.

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I saw it and watched some other ladies use it at our local gathering this summer. Theirs was just a dremel with an attachment that has different sized holes for different sized claws. The part I liked is that all of the 'dust' is contained. But overall, I prefer my dremel. As I watched them use it -- it can still overheat on the claw if you don't keep it moving -- it is a dremel afterall. For me, you can't really see what you are doing with the claw. You just put the claw through the opening and move the tool on the claw. You COULD still go to far like you can with a dremel - there isn't anything to stop you other than you paying attention. Most of the time the ladies would finish each claw by removing the attachment and doing some touch up with just the sanding drum - just like the dremel. To better shape the nail, to get a smidge under the nail, etc.


If you don't have any tool yet and want to try it, give it a try (as long as the attachment is removeable) .. though, if you've never used a dremel, you might not have the desire to shape the nail in any other way. But, if you already have a dremel that you use .. I'd probably just stick with it -- that's what I'm going to do anyway....

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Guest sheila

The only thing I recall hearing about them (Pedipaws and Peticure) is that they don't have a lot of 'oomph' to get through the heavier/harder nails. I just use my variable speed Dremel.

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