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Einstein has the Big D. I have been crushing chewable Pepto tablets for him. Can't get him to the vet until Friday afternoon. Looked up the dosage and it says 1 tsp for every 5 lbs. That seems like an awful lot. Can anyone confirm the dosage please

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Guest EmilyAnne

I don't know anything about the Pepto, but my Henry has had several bouts of extreme diarrhea, and each time, a 24 hour fast from all food did the trick. I also withheld his Kbr. Consult with your vet before withholding prescribed meds.

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Withhold all food for 24 hours, then start with a very bland diet (rice and cooked chicken) and it will likely resolve itself.


For control, I personally use Kaopectate. About a tablespoon on a small piece of bread and feed it like a treat. My old dog had a VERY sensitive tummy! My vet has also said you can give Immodium to a dog.


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