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Have A Question And A Long History

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For quite some time now Tom has given me worries and I guess I will be off to the vet again.


But here is the deal, in october he returned from the dogsitter with his glands in his neck swollen up to the size of golfballs.

It was straight to the vet who put a needle in.

Nothing wrong, AB's and he seemed fine. Except for the fact that looking back, his glands were never totally back to normal.


Here I have to add that Tom, in spite of dentals always had terrible breath, he could kill with it and I am not joking.


Back 4 weeks, he suddenly had nose bleeds, didn't feel well and it was off to the vet.

Swollen glands again, after checking, they pulled one of his canines.

AB's, and he perked up really good. We, me and the vet, were very worried since the structure of his jaw looked strange on the x-rays and when they pulled the tooth, there were tiny parts of bone that splintered. The tooth looked perfectly ok, and no pus was found. So the fear was a tumor in his jaw.

But, he did great, suddenly the terrible smell was gone, he felt great, no swollen glands. So we all relaxed.


Now, since a few days the smell is back, his glands are swelling again.

His teeth look fine, also his gums.

But besides the swollen glands I now feel two small balls under his jaw.

Not where his Lymphe glands are but in the soft triangle under his jaw towards the back. I can take them between my fingers.


I do have an appointment next week, but anyone recognize this?

Or knows what these little balls are?


To be honest, I am getting really worried, the word tumor has been used way too much lately when it comes to Tom.

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Guessing: possible infection in the salivary glands?


That would be my completely uninformed guess, too.


Maybe do a long round of antibiotics?


Hmm. Does the roof of his mouth look OK? One of our volunteers/adopters' dogs had really foul breath and what looked like blistering in the roof of his mouth. He was having a reaction to the bacteria in his own saliva.

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Well, back from the vet with stormogyl for an infection in his jaw.

We went over the issues he had for almost a year now. One infection after another, this in spite of two dentals he had in the last 9 months. There is still the fear this is caused by a tumor.

If this round of AB's is not going to help, we are going to let him go.

He has been in pain for most of his life now because of his paws and legs. Now the pain in his jaw is added.

Monday I will know if it has been enough.

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