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Nose Infection As A Result Of Bad Teef?

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Kenny has had a redness in his right nostril since before Christmas. (No he wasn't going to "guide my sleigh tonight")


Knowing him as I do, I thought he may have run nose first into a pointed stick, or got kicked in the face by a rabbit.

The redness has since expanded to both nose holes. Worried about discoid lupus and other great unknowns, we saw the vet yesterday.


Kenny has lost many precious teef in the past and will undoubtedly loose them all in the course of time. He is predisposed to peridontal disease and although I work hard to maintain his dental health, it is a loosing battle. His latest dental was last October (minus another 4 teef).


The vet started him on antibiotics hoping to knock the infection out and concentrate on the suspected toof (the big one right under his nose).


If antibiotics have no effect, then we will take more drastic diagnostic steps.


Please let me know if anyone has had this type of problem. I realise that this is a trivial condition compared with the big health issues other greys are having but I cannot help worrying.


Any anecdotes of similar experiences would greatly appreciated.





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I haven't had a red nose, but Pearl was misdiagnosed with myocitis because of an abscessed tooth. The cure is prednizone and that's one of the worse things to put a hypertensive dog on.


She was in agony with an undiagnosed abscessed tooth. Her BP was 240 and higher. I thought I was going to lose her the day before Thanksgiving 2006.


So.......yes bad teeth can cause a plethura of problems.



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