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2 Dogs One Day 2 Different Vets....


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I guess Beau must have felt jealous with all the "special vet" attention Teddy has gotten so he made a point of needing to go see the vet himself today. When she saw us, she said... "what would a Saturday be without a visit from one of yours"...


Anyway about 2 weeks ago, I noitced what felt like a round ball like scab near his armpit. I rubbed the scab a bi and it bled so I left it. I checked it out a few days later, the scab fell off. Today, that same type of ball scab was back.


Vet said it was a benign papaloma (SP???) Nothing to worry about. Took the scab off, cortorized it and if that doesn't work, they will remove and stitch it.


But the best part... The vet was able to get Beau's nails done without a general anethesia. NO ONE WOULD TOUCH HIM, the way he carried on. They have not been trimmed since May31,'07. It's becasue of all the walks on ashpalt that they were as OK as they were.


But, she did it and now we know it can be done there. YAY.



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Yay good news! I am embarassed regarding Flashy's nails. :blush We take him for a nail trim every 2 weeks but they are SO long and he bleeds every time they just take the tips off and it makes me feel so bad for him...he is such a good boy through it all.


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