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Please Keep Chase In Your Thoughts

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Guest savvyprchick

He wasn't limping when I got home today but was after we got up from a nap this afternoon. At first I thought he had just slept on it wrong, but it's continued through the night. He doesn't seem to be in pain (other than the limping), but I just took his pajamas off and his ankle is a bit swollen. He limps worse when he just gets up but is better after walking some.


Tomorrow is a huuuuge day at work (huge event to set up for) and I will be working upwards of 10 hours and won't even get a lunch. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and see if I can make an appointment for first thing Saturday morning if he's not better by then. If he gets worse, DBF could take him in tomorrow.


Hopefully it's just a turned ankle, but please keep him in your thoughts.



Thank you all for your thoughts... they seemed to have worked. He's still favoring the leg this morning but isn't noticibly limping on it... I think it was a pulled muscle/sprained ankle as it got a bit hot last night. He's much better this morning, but he's going to be going in the backyard alone for several days (a 20-month old puppy doesn't really give you any way to take it easy outside!) and I'm going to monitor him. Hopefully he continues to get better.


Thanks again, everyone... I just got so worried when he started limping because of all the stories here.

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