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Glitter And Dog Eyes

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Just a thought following on from the 'Cloudy eyes' thread and then my DS No. 2 finding a piece of glitter in Renie's eye today. :o


Glitter from Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper and children's craft activities is very fine and it flies around. It sticks to your clothes and falls off when you hug dogs or even lean over them - that's how it got into Renie's eye, when I looked at my fleece jacket it was covered in gold flecks. And it can scratch dogs' eyes.


If you think there's any risk of glitter getting into animals' eyes in your house, invest in a bottle of 'artificial tears' type eye drops. My vet suggested I just buy some over the counter in a pharmacy - this was for Jack whose eye gets red and irritated at times, but I was glad I had some here today so that I could flush the glitter out of Renie's eye with it.


In an emergency, tap water would do, cooled, boiled water would be better, normal saline better still. But moisturising eye drops would be a good substitute if you have them. :)


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Thanks for the info. Maybe she wanted to look like Glitter and Go Barbie for Christmas? :D

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