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A Package For Tuffy


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My second SS pakcage came this Saturday morning! :banana

Thank you SS from Kitchener Ontario!!!


Can I open it Mom??? Pleeeeaaaassse....



''No sweetie X-mas is in 3 days'' mom says...





Look at all those gifts under my tree!!! Some are from my UK SS, others from my Ontario SS and there's olso birthday gifts for my mom ( her birthday is on the 30th, so Dad wrap her gifts and put it under the tree... she is so curious to know what it is!!! :lol )




Is x-mas ever gonna come???



Our first greyhound, Tuffy: You will always be there with us my angel!
Tuffy greyhound-data
Otis greyhound-data Abbey greyhound-data
"When you open your minds to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth." W.Bishop

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