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  1. I'm so sorry Run Free Ginny
  2. I'm so sorry Hugs to Bruke and you
  3. My sympathies Run free beautiful boy. Tuffy was probably there to meet him
  4. Hi I'm Kiowa Wish Wiley I was born on July 30, 2013 I decided to adopt the Wafer & Arsenault family in Rimouski, Quebec I left Florida on Friday April 10 and got to Montreal on Sunday, then another 6 hours to get to Rimouski I helped Denis drive and here there is SNOW I was pooped, slept well all night on my new bed Today I learned something new, Shirley says I'm very smart, I can do the patio stairs Maxwell came to eat supper with his Mon and Dad, I really like him I did my first bed fail a picture of Me just been cute I will keep you updated on the training of my humans Love Wiley WiWi for Josée xxx
  5. Poor baby, she must of been so scared, not knowing what was happening Run free sweetie
  6. Tatum got home yesterday Very happy she is home. The house is so empty :'( Denis made her urn stained glass [/url] We miss you little girl bum
  7. My little girly is gone :'( Yesterday when she didn't eat her turkey neck that was a sure sign My first greyhound she taught me about this wonderful breed She is now running pain free and probably will try to boss everyone around at the bridge Love you Miss SiSi Bumbum
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