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Thank You Rileysmomma From Ping

Guest SquanHound

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Guest SquanHound

Oh my goodness!!! Ping & I were spoiled rotten this year by a very special GTer from the complete opposite side of the country! Thank you Rileysmomma for all of the amazing Hawaiian goodies!! I greatly enjoyed my chocolate covered macadamian nuts -- they are amazing! :chocolate And I can't wait to try my Hawaiian popcorn and dried tropical fruit. I gave Ping one of the palm tree shaped cookies :) Keep your fingers crossed - so far so they are good with his belly :thumbs-up He loved his squeaker and thankfully hasn't killed it yet :yay I absolutely love the collar, collar charm and matching lead. :confetti We love going to the beach - so the waves and sand dollar are perfect! In fact, although you may not have realized it you sent me a great deal of comfort. I am one of those people who believe in little signs and I believe you just sent me one. I recently lost my Gram and I miss her a lot. She collected sand dollars when she was at the beach and they always make me think of her. So, when I saw that beautiful sand dollar hanging off Ping's collar - well let's just say it meant a lot to me. Thank you. Your generosity is overwhelming. And now here are the pictures!


Our loot :eek



Battle Tested Stuffies :lol




Pinger licking his lips at the sight of a new stuffie



Thanks Dad - I'll be taking this to my bed to work it over.



Hey Mom - what do you think about letting me try one of those yummy cookies??



Oh you mean these cookies??



Yup - that's them mom! Yummo!



I kept trying to get a photo of his collar and the sand dollar :wub: -- of course I couldn't get it until he was snoozing :P



Thank you again!!!





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Hi Melissa and Ping!

I am so glad you like everything. Thanks so much for posting pictures!! Ping is such a gorgeous hound - I just love his coloring.


That is really amazing about the sand dollar... I do think it was a sign. My friend Lori who owns Shaka Dog Hawaii has so many different collar charms, but somehow that one just seemed to fit.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from me and the boys!!

:heart Lucy

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