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Mimi Says Thank You Ss


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I got a package today. It is a little white package from Northcoast Greyhounds (that's what Mom said). She's making me wait until CHRISTMAS to open it!!! Can you believe it?? Hmmph! No Fair!!! She said it's a special gift that needs to wait until Christmas, so I don't ruin it before then!


What's really not fair is that when she thought I wasn't looking she PEEKED at it and she knows what it is!!!! Such injustice!


But anyway, thank you Aerosmom, Aero, Kanga Roo and Cricket, for the very nice box......



Camille, Mom to Cher and Centeno! Also the kitties: Dash, Tod, and Starburst.
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Hi Mimi. Glad you like the box. :colgate We guarantee that you will like the contents even better. Another small surprise is on its way to you in the next few days too. Maybe your mom will let you open that one before Christmas. Geez. We don't know if we can't wait to see/hear your reaction to the white box until Christmas....

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