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Teddy's Paw (wrist)


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Teddy has been keeping his paw up at times when standing. When walking SOMETIMES his gait is off, sometimes not.

We brought him in to the vet about 2-3 weeks ago and when vet felt the paw, she could feel the changes to it form the last time I brought him in for the same thing. The last time, it got better. but it has not. No corns.

She said, rest, deramaxx as needed etc.

We really limited his walks but found he was doing zoomies in our bedroom so decided to walk him. Paced walks were less tramatic to the paw then the sudden stop and go from zoomies.

So, here we are, it's not getting better.

I think I need to have his paw x-rayed. Assuming she is right, and it is arthritis acting up more since the weather is changing, is acupuncture something that could help this? He is on glucosomine.


I just can not stay away from the vet.

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