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Mikee's Not Feeling Well.


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About 3 weeks ago I noticed something was wrong with Mikee's left eye. The vet checked it out and did not find anything specific. She did check for corneal abrasions. She gave us an antibiotic ointment which I applied twice daily for 7 days. She also found a flea on him. I treated him and the other dogs with biospot the same night.He lost 4 lbs since last year. Other than his eye being droopy at times he was acting normal. He continued to eat, drink and bathroom normally. Appoximately 4 days after the vet visit he started becoming more withdrawn and lethargic but continued to eat and drink and bathroom normally. He has always liked to carry a stuffie around with him and this behavior stopped. Then to makes this a bit worse the other two dogs collided with him during their fun run on the pavement. I have a long pavement in the yard and the boys like to race up and down on it. Mikee just stood in their way and ended up being dragged on the cement. He sustained some abrasions on his back legs. I cleaned these up and as they weren't bleeding left them uncovered. A few more days went by with only a slight improvement in his demeanor. I scheduled an appointment for a senior panel and heartworm,lyme,erhlicia bloodwork. At about the same time I noticed some blood on the bedding in his crate. Checked out the leg wounds and it appeared he had started licking them. I applied dressings. His appetite started to drop off at this time. On the day we went for blood work he was doing a bit better. I decided to remove the dressings. I feel guilty about this because as a nurse who does tons of wound care I know better. I tugged on the dressings when removing them. He was excited when I got his collar and leash and off we went to the car. Well in the car I see him spurting blood everywhere. It was awful. I have wound supplies in my trunk. I grabbed an 8 x 10 abd pad cut it in half and wrapped it around the bleeding leg and secured it with tape. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the vet office. By the time I got there he had bled through so I slapped the other half on. I was kind of shook up at that point. Keep in mind this wound is about .5cm round. He had the blood drawn and she redressed his leg. I waited on the heartworm etc test as it is the snap test. These were all negative. He weight dropped another 2lbs. He seem exhausted the next day. The vet called me with results the next day. Everything is normal except his t4 is low. I didn't get to talk to her at length because she called while I was being examined after falling at work. Its been pretty eventful around here ! I trust my regular vet implicitly. She is grey savy however this was a loco tenens vet and I don't know her well. She did say she would not treat without getting a tsh level. She also wants to do a stool specimen. I'm agreeable to this. He is on Iverhart max so I expect a negative result. My own plan includes taking along a copy of normal grey values to be kept in our chart. My question is should I request the protateck TBD panel ? He has no history of any TBD but is a Florida dog. I forgot to add I am mixing in some food extras and he is eating all I give him and I think he has gain back some weight. I'm feeding him myself as he doesn't always eat for my son. I redressed both his legs one time because he licked open the other leg. I removed the dressings after 2 days and both were dry. That lasted about 36 hours and he licked the one open again. Sorry this is so long. I hate seeing him so depressed looking.

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Wow. That's a lot.

I've had a bad experience with Biospot. I'm wondering if it's a contributing factor here?

Other than that, I have nothing helpful to add except some hugs and hopes everything settles down for you and the kids!!



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Guest Greensleeves

What is his age?


Low thyroid can cause lethargy and withdrawal, so definitely pursue that (and when Whistler's thyroid crashed, he actually lost weight, too).

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Mikee is 8 yrs old. I've used biospot before without any problems. I don't like putting anything on them so its been a year since I've used it. His symptoms started before I put it on. The labs included liver and kidney function and they were all normal. He is a very sensitive dog but is also very goofy and the goofy is completely gone right now. He is easily upset. If I'm away he will not always eat for my son. My son was away for over a year and it took Mikee some time to get used to him again.

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