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Updated Info About Maya's Foot Corns


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Maya has had some pretty nasty corns on the bottom of her toes. They don't seem to bother her when she's outside walking or running. But when we got back from our excursions, she would often have a nasty limp. My wife took some advice from some folks here on GT to try Bee Propolis on Maya's food, as well as in a topical mixture to apply daily. I don't think the topical mixture did much except irritate Maya ('cause it means wearing that dreaded sock, dern it!!), but the food additive has done very well.


Maya's corns are much smaller than they were before, and her post-excursion limping has decreased dramatically. If anyone is wondering whether the Bee Propolis works, I'd definitely suggest giving it a try.


We're weening her off of the additive to see how her body does... will the corns come back, or will they stay away for a bit. Keep your fingers crossed.



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We were using it in WAbi's food, but our results were not conclusive. Her corn continued to grow, but maybe more slowly? We used capsules that I dumped the powder out of into her food.


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