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Savvyprchick And Lulu


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Evil Elf here :Peace:reindeer:seesaw:evil:lol


Posting on behalf of your secret santa


Your Santa is makin' things happen

You'll soon get a box with some wrappin'

Some bling for Lu's throat?

Or maybe a coat?

What color goes best with lips flappin'???


What best gift to make Lulu roo?

A collar in some brilliant hue?

SS will need measurements

To insure Lulu's pleasurement

Or he could always just bring her some GLUE!!



Jen - please go measure LOTS of parts! Neck size, length from shoulders to tail base, chest width, and anything else you can think of!!

Praying for all the missing greys!

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Guest savvyprchick

Hmm... let's see. It's 6 a.m. here and I can't rhyme this early because DBF and I stayed at his house last night for the first time in a long time and the dork never changed his clocks... so I was up at 5 a.m., which is entirely too early! Blaaaah.


Lulu has a fleece coat, but she doesn't have a winter coat because as a puppy last year, she was soooo warm blooded she only needed the fleece. She's a normal greyhound now and and is wearing her fleece inside :) She'd love a warm winter coat or fleece PJs or really anything. If Santa were thinking of PJ's, the 4 legged kind would be best since, like I said, she's a puppy and would probably end up getting tangled up in the 2-legged kind :rolleyes:


She only has one big-girl collar (I'm a horribly mommy, I know!) and really looks best in lilacs and purples as it brings out the blue in her blue fawn coat. I'm not so much for necklaces or anything on her right now because she still very puppy-ish ( :offwall ) and nearly rips her tag collar off her neck sometimes when she plays hard. I think a necklace would just break.


Lulu likes all treats but she's allergic to chicken, so while in small amounts I'm sure they'd be fine, chicken is really out.


Okay, now onto measurements:


Behind ears: 14"

At base of neck: 17"

Around chest: 30 1/2"

Around waist in front of back legs: 21"

Base of neck to top of the tail: 29"

Floor to top of shoulder blades: 30 1/2"

Front foot ankle to top of shoulder blades: 27"

Back foot ankle to top of hips: 26"

Front foot ankle to armpit: 14"

Back foot ankle to belly: 16 1/2"

Weight at last vet visit in late September: 76 pounds


Just please let Santa know that Lulu is 19 months old so she'll still definitely be filling out and might even grow a bit more (though it looks like she hasn't gotten any taller in the last 2 months!).


Okay, that's all the measurements I can think of right now. If Santa needs more, I'll be back in town Sunday night!


I'd just like to add that Lulu is a big lover and always wants to be ON you (my fault for letting a 30-pound puppy cuddle because now a 76-pound puppy wants to cuddle! :blink: ) She's very happy-go-lucky and absolutely LOVES destroying any type of stuffy. In fact, right now, she thinks her bed is a stuffy and is de-stuffing it :rolleyes:


But really, Santa, Lulu would be very happy with whatever you give her. As a former coyote puppy, she's just happy to be in the house, have lovin' and, of course, annoy her brother and keep evil stuffies at bay :lol

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