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Rip Roger Elizabeth Debris


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Some time in the wee hours last night, our beta fish, Roger Elizabeth DeBris jumped out of his tank. I found him on the counter this morning, and we sent him off to glory.


We got him in June 2006 for my son's 5th birthday. He was red and active, and my son wanted to name him John. But at the time he named everything John, and I was getting confused. After suggesting him come up with something else, my 5 year old pronounced him "Roger Elizabeth Debris. From the Producers!" A theater geek at 5!


I had goldfish growing up, but Roger was my first beta. I was amazed at how much personality he had, and will miss his presence in the kitchen. We almost lost him last winter, but I eventually realized his tank was getting too cold at night, and with the addition of a heater he was soon happy and healthy again.


He has NEVER jumped out of his tank before in the 1.5 years we had him, so it was very unexpected.


We will be getting another beta within a few days, but I think we will replace the tank as well, and get one that comes with a lid!


I wonder what Jacob will name this one - I'm pulling for Igor. (Yes, we are seeing Young Frankenstein on Broadway this weekend - so it seems appropriate!)


RIP Roger - you will be missed.

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