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Guest CindiLuvsGreys

Depending on how bad the pain is there is a pain patch for cats. My cat had one for the first 2 days after he had 14 teeth pulled. Hope your kitty is feeling better soon.

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Ask the vet about Metacam. It tastes dreadful to them and it can be a challenge to get it down, but it seems to really work wonders!

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Guest Oh_Greyt

Metacam is one drop per pound for cats. It tastes (supposedly) honey flavored and we've had so much success with cats loving it at our clinic! Our barn cat has an occasional limp so he gets it all the time - He loves it so much he tries to grab the bottle and suck it down so we've had to start putting it on his food! There's also ketoprofen, and many other oral pain meds. Then there's injectables and pain patches. It all just depends on what the reason for needing it is.

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