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Ranger In Oregon


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Since the Oregon group seems to be an independent group and not a member of Greyhound Pets of America, it might be advisible to contact them since they have a larger group of members and contacts for hounds that need special attention.


We are also owned by a DI dog known as CoraFaye. Three years ago she showed the signs of DI. With the help of two vets, one a long drive away, she is healthy and very happy/spoiled. The expenses are well managed with daily home urine test. When the specific gravity starts to drop on the Refractometer you increase the Desmopresin. When the SG is normal you can cut back. We have found out they go in cycles of thurst and periods of remission from the thurst. Daily test is the way out of the huge expense.


There is a home for every hound.


A simple Google search of (Greyhound Pets of America) will find them.


As we humans might need to check glucose levels many times a day, so does a DI dog to see if they need their meds. Managing the DI is the key.




CoraFaye ( I am a happy and healthy hound with DI and have been for three years and my eye drops cost $85 and they last for three months)


I pray this post isn't (Locked)

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It is good to know more about the condition, and to know there is somepup here on GT living a good life in spite of it. Thanks for posting.


Scritchies to your girl.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
We miss Reko Batman (Trouper Zeke x Marque Louisiana), 11/15/95-6/29/06, Rocco the thistledown whippet, 04/29/93-10/14/08, Reko Zema (Mo Kick x Reko Princess), 8/16/98-4/18/10, the most beautiful girl in the whole USA, my good egg Joseph aka Won by a Nose (Oneco Cufflink x Buy Back), 09/22/2003-03/01/2013, and our gentle sweet Gidget (Digitizer, Dodgem by Design x Sobe Mulberry), 1/29/2006-11/22/2014, gone much too soon. Never forgetting CJC's Buckshot, 1/2/07-10/25/10.

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Guest MrsDooLittle

I tried to post to the earlier post about Ranger but discovered it was locked.....I am new here and tried finding out why under "Help" but never did figure out what causes a thread to become locked. If anyone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate the information.


My old hound dog, Princess, began peeing constantly in the house about a year ago and our vet said we could undergo a battery of tests or even try the eye drops to see if they helped the problem. Our vet is very good with our old Princess....she gave her a year to live when we first found her and we've had her now over two years! Not knowing just how old our old gal is, we often give a potential cure a try as we did with the Desmopresin. The prescription was 100 dollars and the supply lasted about a month. However, during the time we tried it we contacted my sister in law who is a pharmacist. She checked on this type drug and could get it for us for about half the cost of what we paid. Turns out, our old girl is just senile at times so we never had to use the Desmopresin regularly. But, if Ranger's owners or potential owners perhaps have a friend or aquaintence who is a pharmacist it is certainly worth checking out if they can obtain this particular med at a reduced rate.


Best wishes for Ranger.....


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