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Mucous And Blood

Guest scottydog

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Guest scottydog

I've had Scotty on Orijen food and it's weird because he'll either have perfect hard bouncy poops or mush sometimes with mucous or blood. Well lately it's been more bad poops than good but still alternating. I've kept him on just the Orijen and his poops were stable. On the weekend though, he got a denta bone and as usual, he had slimy poops. However, he had this dentabone on Monday but he is still straining and making awful mucousy bloody poops.


So I'm guessing that he'll need a vet visit but want to make sure because I can't afford a $100, "your dog just ate bad grass, he's actually fine" vet bill. It sounds like it's a colon thing but how serious?

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Guest savvyprchick

Blood in the stool? Vet visit for sure. Especially since it's repetitive.


Good luck and I hope it's easily treated! :hope

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