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Tummy And Bowel Problems

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Off and on for last week or so, Carolina has been dealing with a mixture of big d and loose stools. We finally went to the vet yesterday. Turns out she has hook worms. :( She and Jake started Panacur last night and they will both be treated for five days. We are also sitting on the fence about colitis. She has some antibiotics for a week and a special diet for four days. Then she will be put back on her regular diet and we will see what happens.


Back in April, Carolina went to a picnic and a week later she got the big d. We went to the vet and he said colitis, he gave us a special diet and something to make her stop going but it didn't work and the thing finally ran it's course. A day later, Jake started with the same thing. I wonder if she picked up the hook worms at the picnic and now she just got them back again.


What a mess. :(


Carolina (R and A Carolina) & Rebel (FA Ready).
At the bridge: Kira (Driven by Energy) 7/19/97 - 6/17/04 & Jake (Jumpstart Dude) 9/12/00 - 1/24/15

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Guest savvyprchick

Ewwwwwwwww... at least she'll be feeling better soon. Give her an extra kiss :kiss2


I'm glad I only have to worry about tape worms with my two because the Interceptor heartworm meds we use kill all worms except tape. And mine had tape once and :puke it's so gross.


Good luck to you and I hope she's back to normal ASAP :)

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Guest mandm

We are on day 3 of a five day course of Panacur and have seen a dramatic improvement in stool quality. I hoping it's not just a coincidence. We plan on three courses because we suspect, but were unable to confirm, whipworms. Several fecals were clear but we decided on presumptive tretment. I hope you have the same good luck. I think hookworms require two rounds of Panacur.

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